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Gateway Education Courses

LT Gateway Education (GE) courses provide you with an unrivalled opportunity to step outside your main discipline and explore the wonderful world of arts and humanities. Listed below are the GE courses hosted by LT.

Course Code Course Title Resources Credit Units Coordinator
Distributional Area 1: Arts and Humanities
GE1132 Mind, Brain and Language: How Are Human Beings Special? EDGE course site 3 -
GE2111 Image of the City – Language, Culture and Society EDGE course site 3 CHAN, Yuet Hung Cecilia
GE2113 Reading Colonialism and The Modern Experience EDGE course site 3 SHEUNG, Shing Yue Richard
GE2122 The Cantonese Language in Use: Language, Grammar and Culture EDGE course site 3 LUN, Suen Caesar
GE2124 The World through Languages EDGE course site 3 LI, Bin
GE2125 The Bible: Its History, Literature, and influence EDGE course site 3 LEE, John Sie Yuen
GE2128 The Sounds of the World’s Languages EDGE course site 3 LEE, Wai Sum Vanti
GE3104 Data is Beautiful: Visualization in the Humanities EDGE course site 3 LEE, John Sie Yuen
GE3108 Language in Art, Invention and Inspiration EDGE course site 3 WEBSTER, Jonathan
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  • Full CityU GE course details are available from the Gateway Education webpage of the Office of Education Development and Gateway Education (EDGE).

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Page last updated: 21 June 2018