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Credit Distribution Summary

(not applicable to students admitted to the normative 4-year degree curriculum after 2021)
Components Required Credit Units
  Normative 4-year degree Advanced Standing I Advanced Standing II (Senior-year Entry)
Gateway Education  
English 6 6 3
Chinese Civilisation – History and Philosophy 3 3 Not compulsory
Distributional Area Requirements 12 6 3
College/School-specified Requirements 9 6 6
College Requirement Courses 6 6 Fully exempted
Major Requirement  
  Department foundation-year courses @
  9 3 Fully exempted
  Major in Linguistics and Language Applications [LLA]:
54 (Core: 27; Elective: 27);

Major in Translation and Interpretation [TI]:
54 (Core: 24; Elective: 30).
Free electives / Minor (if applicable)  
  21 6 0
Total no. of credit units  
Minimum required   120   90 66  
Maximum permitted 144 114 84  

@ Students of second major and students changed to the LLA/TI Major will follow the Advanced Standing I curriculum and will be required to take one designated Foundation-year course, i.e. LT1202 (3 credit units) (only applicable to normative 4-year students and students admitted with Advanced Standing I). ASII students will be exempted from the Foundation-year courses.

Students are also required to satisfy the University’s English Attainment Requirement and Chinese Language Requirement. Please refer to the website of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences website (http://www.cityu.edu.hk/class) for details. More information about GE courses can be found at the University's Gateway Education page (http://www.cityu.edu.hk/GE).

Enquiry: LTenquiry@cityu.edu.hk

Page last updated: 23 October 2021