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Major in Linguistics and Language Applications (LLA)

Major requirement

1. Gateway Education

For details, please refer to the Gateway Education (GE) website.

GE Component Required Credit Units
  Normative 4-year degree Advanced Standing I Δ Advanced Standing II (Senior-year Entry) ΔΔ
University Requirements  
English 6 6 3
Chinese Civilisation – History and Philosophy 3 3 Not compulsory requirement
Distributional Area Requirements  
A minimum of 3 credit units from each of the three distributional areas below:
Area 1: Arts and Humanities
Area 2: Study of Societies, Social and Business Organisations
Area 3: Science and Technology
21 12 9

2. English Attainment Requirement

(In accordance with the university policy)

3. Chinese Language Requirement

From 2012 cohort onwards, students are required to satisfy the Chinese Language Requirement as follows:

  Category of student Chinese Language Requirement
(i) Students with an HKDSE score below 4 in Chinese, or an HKALE AS Chinese Language and Culture score below D CHIN1001 University Chinese I
(3-credit units )
(ii) Students with an HKDSE score of 4 or above in Chinese or an HKALE AS Chinese Language and Culture score D or above, or those who have successfully completed the 3-credit unit Chinese course NA
(iii) Students whose qualifications do not fall within (i) and (ii) above NA
  The 3 credit units of the Chinese course will NOT be counted towards the minimum credit units required for graduation and will NOT be included in the calculation of CGPA.

(For more background information, please refer to the University's Chinese Language Requirement.)

4. College Requirement

Normative 4-year degree Advanced Standing I Δ Advanced Standing II (Senior-year Entry) ΔΔ
15 credit units 9 credit units Fully exempted

(For details of the College Requirement Courses, please refer to the College website.)

1. Foundation-year Courses

(Normative 4-year degree students are required to take all of the three courses (9 credit units). Students of Advanced Standing I @ are only required to take LT1202 (3 credit units) while Advanced Standing II students are given full exemption.)

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units
LT1201 Introduction to Linguistics and Language Applications B1 3
LT1202 Discovering How Language Works in a University Setting B1 3
LT1301 Introduction to Translation B1 3
2. Core Courses (30 credit units)
Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units
LT2203 Language in Society B2 3
LT2204 Language and Mind B2 3
LT2229 Fundamentals of Linguistics B2 3
LT2231 Introduction to Language Technology B2 3
LT3209 Syntax B3 3
LT3210 Electronic Publishing B3 3
LT3211 Semantics B3 3
LT3212 Phonetics B3 3
LT3214 Phonology B3 3
LT3233 Computational Linguistics B3 3
3. Elective Courses (27 credit units, at least 12 credit units of which must be at B4 level)
Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units
LT2206 Fundamentals of Statistics for Language Studies B2 3
LT2232 English Linguistics – Communicative Functions of Grammar B3 3
LT2306 Appreciating Written Texts B2 3
LT3199 Professional Internship I B3 3
LT3213 Text Linguistics B3 3
LT3215 Pragmatics B3 3
LT3216 Chinese Linguistics B3 3
LT3220 Corpus Linguistics B3 3
LT3222 Machine Translation B3 3
LT3224 Computational Lexicography B3 3
LT3234 Language and Cognition B3 3
LT3235 Experimental Approaches to Language Studies B3 3
LT3326 Comparative Study of Chinese and English B3 3
LT3345 Discovering and Managing Terms B3 3
LT3352 Scientific and Technical Translation B3 3
LT3354 Computer-Aided Translation B3 3
LT3375 Consecutive Interpretation (English - Chinese) B3 3
LT3379 Practical Translation B3 3
LT3399 LT Study Tour B3 3
LT4216 Advanced Topics in Linguistics B4 3
LT4218 Advanced Topics in Computational Linguistics B4 3
LT4223 Experimental Phonetics B4 3
LT4225 Computer Assisted Language Learning B4 3
LT4226 Second Language Acquisition B4 3
LT4227 First Language Acquisition B4 3
LT4235 Project B4 3
LT4236 Extended Project B4 6
LT4239 Conversation Analysis B4 3
LT4241 Topics in Syntax B4 3
LT4242 Topics in Semantics B4 3
LT4243 Field and Research Methods in Linguistics B4 3
LT4244 Sociolinguistics B4 3
LT4245 Psycholinguistics B4 3
LT4254 Psycholinguistics of Reading B4 3
LT4256 Topics in Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics B4 3
LT4257 Historical Linguistics B4 3
LT4391 Undergraduate Research Project B4 6
Asian or Global languages courses (at level 2 or above as indicated by course titles)
With effect from Semester A, 2018/2019, the credits earned from a successful completion of the Asian or Global languages courses at level 2 or above (listed below) will be counted to fulfil the major electives and the maximum credits to be counted are 3.
With effect from Semester A, 2020/2021, the Asian and Global languages courses are offered by Language Centre.
LC2931 Japanese Language - Level 2 B2 3
LC3932 Japanese Language - Level 3 B3 3
LC3933 Japanese Language - Level 4 B3 3
LC4994 Japanese Language - Level 5 B4 3
LC4995 Japanese Language - Level 6 B4 3
LC2974 Korean II B2 3
LC3982 Korean III B3 3
LC3983 Korean IV B3 3
LC2402 French 2 B2 3
LC2406 Intensive French 1 and 2 B2 6
LC3403 French 3 B3 3
LC3404 French 4 B3 3
LC2502 German 2 B2 3
LC2506 Intensive German 1 and 2 B2 6
LC3503 German 3 B3 3
LC3504 German 4 B3 3
LC2602 Spanish 2 B2 3
LC2606 Intensive Spanish 1 and 2 B2 6
LC3603 Spanish 3 B3 3
LC3604 Spanish 4 B3 3
Major Requirement Summary
Major requirement
Foundation-year Courses @   9 credit units (Normative 4-year degree)
3 credit units (Advanced Standing I)
Fully exempted (Advanced Standing II)

Core Courses   30 credit units
Elective Courses   27 credit units
At least 12 credit units of which must be at B4 level.
Number of Credit Units Required for the Award
  Normative 4-year degree Advanced Standing I Advanced Standing II
(Senior-year Entry)
Min. units required for graduation 120 90 69
Max. units permitted 144 114 84

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