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Photos from Prize Presentation Ceremony of CTL Alumni and Students Literary Magazine available!
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Topic:  Photos from Prize Presentation Ceremony of CTL Alumni and Students Literary Magazine available!
posted itemPosted - 23/08/2010 :  10:36:58

Prize Presentation Ceremony of

CTL Alumni and Students Literary Magazine

Event date: 19 April 2010


The CTL Alumni and Students Literary Magazine, the first-ever literary magazine made by CTL alumni and students was finally published! The magazine solicits thematic articles and creative works from students and alumni of the department. A total of one hundred and sixty-four woks were received this year. After a strict review process, sixty-seven of them were accepted for publication. To recognize the excellent writing talent of our alumni and students, a magazine launch gathering was held, followed by a prize presentation ceremony on 19th April 2010. Our distinguished guests included Professor Jonathan Webster who delivered a speech and presented the prizes. Before the prize presentation ceremony, two of the adjudicators who were also the teaching staff of the department, Dr. Kit Chunyu and Mr Yeung Wang Tung, Ivan were invited to share their commentary and writing experiences. Their speeches on creative writing were inspiring. Apart from them, we also invited winners of various writing groups, namely the new poem, fiction, old classical poem and pose writing to share their views on writing and visions on the future. The concluding item of the ceremony was our "Tribute to Teachers". Fanny Hung and Li Man Shan represented all the members of the editorial board and executive committee to thank the teaching staff of the department for their advice and support. Special thanks were also given to all the alumni and students who had sent their works to the magazine. The works we received were from students of BACH, BAL, BALS, BATI, MACH, MALS and Research Degree progammes in the department. Thirty-five works were written about the theme of this year "Youth‧ Dream" and one hundred and twenty works were free creative writings. Without their enthusiastic participation, the dream of publishing this magazine will never come true.


Another highlight of the ceremony was that teaching staff, students, alumni and families of the winners responded enthusiastically to their invitations to this ceremony and nearly one hundred and thirty attendees filled the spacious lecture theatre. It was known to many that Week Thirteen was the busiest week in the university. It was indeed very encouraging to see that our students still managed to create and send their works to us in their tight studying and working schedule. We sincerely wish that through the competition and ceremony, more articles can be published and the spirit of “sharing through literature” can be promoted and enhanced. We look forward to seeing you all in the coming future.




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