at the Department of Linguistics and Translation

The DEC is not only at the heart of the programmes offered by the Department of Linguistics and Translation (LT), but also at the core of departmental out-of-classroom activities.

As with the heart of the programmes, the DEC is made up of elements that are incorporated into course design, teaching, learning, and assessment. To provide opportunities for our students to be actively engaged in knowledge discovery, the Deptartment has set the departmental DEC policy that encourages each LT teacher to design a DEC project or assignment for at least one course offered in an academic year. Our students’ DEC projects and assignments displayed on this website demonstrate LT’s commitment to quality teaching.

Being at the core of departmental activities for students, the DEC is embedded in students’ learning outside the classroom. DEC-related activities are varied and include student exchange programmes, internships, laboratory-based explorations, and club-based learning activities. These DEC-related activities widen students’ intellectual horizons, trigger their creativity, and facilitate the discovery of new knowledge.

Last updated: 29 November 2015