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LT/CTL Alumni

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The Department of Linguistics and Translation, formerly known as the Department of Chinese, Translation & Linguistics, and Department of Languages at its very inception has been active in maintaining close contact with our alumni through various activities either initiated by the Department or through collaboration with the Alumni Association.

We are one big family and we hope our alumni will assist our faculty in nurturing a sense of belonging and good scholarship in our students, who will in turn become our cherished alumni. We also want our alumni to enter a big social network which will be helpful to them in different possible ways. Hopefully, our joint efforts will start a benign cycle of mutual help and support of a life-long education and sustainable development for all of us as stakeholders of our common goals to promote language communication through the teaching and learning of linguistics and translation; to become better language professionals through what they have learnt in our programs; and to continue to grow intellectually through the appreciation of humanities, culture and language art and technology.

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We organized the 30th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Luncheon on 30 November 2014 at City Top to commemorate the 30th anniversary of CityUHK. About 90 alumni and teachers participated in the event.

On Friday, 27 November 2015, we had our 2015 gathering (LT Graduation Dinner and Alumni Reunion 2015).

Our LT Graduation Dinner 2016 is forthcoming. Click here for details!

In addition, we also organized a Career Seminar on 27 March 2015, in which alumni were invited to brief our students about job-hunting skills and their work experience. Over 60 people attended that event.

These activities will become our LT tradition and everyone who takes part in them will benefit in one way or another.

We also established a website and a Facebook group for alumni. Do pop in and share your views with others.

Our Alumni website


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