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Announcement on new Awards

Award Title Description
Dr. Jennifer Cheung Chui-yiu Poetic Heritage Translation Award

  • Maximum number of awards: 3 (per annum)
    Amount for each award:
    HK$5,000 (1st prize)
    HK$3,000 (2nd prize)
    HK$2,000 (3rd prize)
  • Nomination Period: 4-Dec-2017 - 29-Jun-2018
  • Download the Nomination Form here.
  • Please complete and return the Nomination Form in person to
    Ms. Maggie Wong
    B7717, 7/F, Blue Zone, Lift 3, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building
    Telephone No.: (852) 3442 8701
    Email: ctmwong@cityu.edu.hk
  • Remarks:
    The Awards shall be granted to three LT students who:
    1. are enrolled in the full-time Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts programmes of LT
    2. have demonstrated competent language ability in both Chinese and English;
    3. have demonstrated appreciation of Chinese classical poems; and
    4. have attained satisfactory academic performance.
    Refer to full regulations for details.

For further background, please refer to the Poetic Heritage Translation Awards from CityU Run Run Shaw Library's PATCH project (The Preserving and Appraising Traditional Cultural Heritage).

Enquiry: LTenquiry@cityu.edu.hk

Page last updated: 4 December 2017