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JC Poetic Heritage Translation Awards

Award Title

JC Poetic Heritage Translation Awards 2022 (齊思古詩新解新譯獎)

Click here for the list of award recipients, photos and press release from Awards Ceremony 2022.




  1. An English translation competition for the awards is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of CityU and senior secondary students in Hong Kong. Interested translators are welcome to submit their entries according to the category in which they belong:
    • CityU Students (in subcategory either of "LT Students" or "non-LT Students")
    • Senior Secondary Students

  2. For CityU participants:

    Amount for each award for each subcategory:
    HK$5,000 x 2 (1st prize)
    HK$3,000 x 2 (2nd prize)
    HK$1,000 x 4 (3rd prize)
    Total: $20,000 (8 awards)

  3. For Senior Secondary Students:

    Amount for each award:
    HK$5,000 x 1 (1st prize)
    HK$3,000 x 1 (2nd prize)
    HK$1,000 x 2 (3rd prize)
    Total: $10,000 (4 awards)


  4. The poem for translation is a Chinese poem by the Korean poet Yi Gyubo (1168–1241) and it goes:

    李奎報 〈奇尙書退食齋 用東坡韻賦一絶〉

  5. Some background information of the poem and its author is at this link.
  6. Your translation, once submitted, shall not be altered. You may submit only once.

  7. (For CityU students only) Please click here to fill in and submit the form for the competition with your translation.

  8. (For senior secondary students only) Guidelines for submission

    • Obtain an endorsement from your School Head or delegate (class teacher /form teacher) to verify your student status. For your convenience, an endorsement form template is available here.
    • Take a smartphone photo of the completed endorsement form and prepare for its upload (5M size max.) during online submission (link: here).
    • Your translation, once submitted, shall not be altered. You may submit only once.


  9. Translators in all categories are expected to recite their winning pieces at the awards ceremony and the best performers will receive recognition awards additionally.

  10. Deadline of submission of entries (extended): 29 June 2022
  11. For enquiries, please write to LTenquiry@cityu.edu.hk.


General Enquiry: LTenquiry@cityu.edu.hk

Page last updated: 14 September 2022