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JC Poetic Heritage Translation Awards

Award Title

JC Poetic Heritage Translation Awards (齊思古詩新解新譯獎)[SFA 1352]


  1. Amount for each award:
    HK$5,000 x 2 (1st prize)
    HK$3,000 x 2 (2nd prize)
    HK$1,000 x 4 (3rd prize)
    Total: $20,000 (8 awards)
  2. A university-wide English translation competition for the awards is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students of CityU. Interested translators are welcome to submit their entries according to one of two mutually exclusive categories, namely,
    "LT Students" and "non-LT Students".
  3. The poem chosen for translation is a delightfully short piece called 黃鳥歌 by a Korean poet in 17 BC. It goes
  4. Some background information of the poem and its author is available here.
  5. Based on the submitted translations, eight to ten finalists will be invited by the first week of March 2019 to submit also a short commentary on their own translations. They are expected to discuss in not more than 400 words one point of interest about the poem and what makes it worthwhile, and challenging, to translate. The commentaries will add substance to the translations to facilitate the ranking of the translators by the adjudicators for the Awards.
  6. Deadline of submission of entries: 25 February, 2019
  7. Please submit by emailing your work to
    1. ctawards@cityu.edu.hk (LT Students)
    2. ltawards@cityu.edu.hk (non-LT Students)

  8. For enquiries, please call Ms Rita Lee at 3442 8705.

General Enquiry: LTenquiry@cityu.edu.hk

Page last updated: 14 January 2019