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Minor in Language Learning and Psycholinguistic Studies

This minor programme will not be accepting new students. Those who are interested in this minor programme are encouraged to declare for the Minor in Linguistics and Language Applications.

Aims of Minor

This interdisciplinary minor programme aims to broaden students' knowledge horizon, and enhance their intellectual ability through studying and exploring the issues connected with linguistics, psychology and applied linguistics. The programme is composed of two core and three elective courses. The two core courses equip students with a knowledge base about the structures and functions of language, and about psychological language processing and learning in the human mind. The elective courses cover a range of topics which allow students to develop their learning interests in psycholinguistics, first and second language acquisition, psycholinguistics of reading, and the psychology of language learning and teaching.

Intended Learning Outcomes of Minor (MINILOs)

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:

  1. Analyse the processes of language comprehension, production, and acquisition from the psychological perspective;
  2. Analyse the psychological differences between first and second language acquisition;
  3. Apply psycholinguistic-based knowledge to explore the practical and psychological methods for enhancing language processing, learning, and teaching;
  4. Discover the connections between linguistics and psychology, and between applied linguistics and psychology.
  OBTL Download the full document of Mapping of MINILOs.

Exclusive Majors

Students who study the following majors are not allowed to choose this minor:
Major in Linguistics and Language Applications/ Linguistics and Language Technology or
Major in Language Studies (Linguistics and Language Technology stream).

Minor Requirement (15 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units
1. Core Courses (6 credit units)
LT2204 Language and Mind B2 3
LT2229 Linguistics I B2 3
2. Electives (9 credits)
LT3234 Language and Cognition B3 3
LT4226 Second Language Acquisition B4 3
LT4227 First Language Acquisition B4 3
LT4245 Psycholinguistics B4 3
LT4254 Psycholinguistics of Reading B4 3
LT4255 Applied Psycholinguistics B4 3
Additional Information

CTL2229 Linguistics I is equivalent to, and may be replaced by, CTL2201 Introduction to Linguistics or CTL2290 Introduction to Language Studies.

Please see also the Guidelines for Minor Studies.





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