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Research Seminar "The Virtual Museum of the Western Han Dynasty"
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Topic:  Research Seminar "The Virtual Museum of the Western Han Dynasty"
posted itemPosted - 28/12/2009 :  16:23:52

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics

Research Seminar

The Virtual Museum of the Western Han Dynasty

Presented by

Professor Maurizio Forte

University of California, Merced

Date: 15 January 2010 (Friday)
Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm
P4703 (Level 4, Purple Zone), Academic Building, CityU


This project is aimed to the digital documentation of archaeological sites, artifacts and cultural relics of the Western Han dynasty, starting in 2008. The outcome of this process will be the creation of a virtual museum, based on collaborative environments, dedicated to the Western Han Dynasty and able to integrate new archaeological datasets coming from fieldwork activities (most part of them unpublished), monuments, and famous collections of artifacts of the Xi’an archaeological museums. All the archaeological datasets will be virtually reconstructed in a very accurate way, keeping all the spatial information even in the cyber space (landscapes, sites, monuments, artifacts). The Virtual Museum of the Western Han Dynasty will be the first archaeological example of international collaboration between Chinese institutions and Western countries based on virtual heritage methodologies and real time outputs. The archaeological fieldwork, mainly encompassing 3D documentation of new tombs in the center and in the surroundings of Xi’an, is managed integrating different technologies and methods: laser scanning, digital photogrammetry, photomodeling, remote sensing, and GIS. The final plan is to create at least two installations, one in Xi’an and one in California. At UCM, the Virtual Heritage Lab is working on the set up of two different virtual reality systems based on participatory learning: a stereo collaborative environment (virtual heritage room) and a simulation environment (Powerwall).


Professor Maurizio Forte, PhD, is full professor of World Heritage, University of California, Merced, and Professor of "Virtual Environments for Cultural Heritage" at the University of Lugano. He has coordinated research projects in Italy, India, Turkey Ethiopia, Egypt, Syria, Kazakhstan, Peru, China, Oman, and Mexico. He is editor and author of several books including “Virtual Archaeology”, “Virtual Reality in Archaeology”, and 200 scientific papers. Topics: virtual reality in archaeology, spatial technologies, 3D documentation, and virtual reconstruction of archaeological landscapes. Awards: Best paper award VSMM2002; 2005 E-content Award; Best Paper Award, VSMM2008; 2008E-content Award e-learning; 2008E-content Award Italy, E-culture; 2009 Tartessos Prize.

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