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Language and Ethnicity 語言與民族
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Topic:  Language and Ethnicity 語言與民族
posted itemPosted - 20/09/2007 :  09:03:45
City University of Hong Kong Dep

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics
Research Seminar

Language and Ethnicity 語言與民族

Presented by

Prof. Zhou Qingsheng

Institute of Ethnology & Anthropology (IEA) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS) 中國社會科學院民族學與人類學硏究所

Date: 5 October 2007, Friday
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
B7603 (Lift 3, 7/F, Blue Zone),Academic Building,CityU


This talk is intended to explore the relationship between language and ethnicity based on available data from the societal life of recent years in both China and other countries. It will look into the key issues involved from three perspectives, namely, (1) language and ethnic identity, (2) language and nationalism, and (3) language and ethnic conflict. 本報告擬採用近年來中國境內和境外的相關材料,聯繫現實生活中出現的相關語言問題,從語言與民族認同、語言與民族主義、語言與民族衝突這三個視角,探討語言與民族的關係。


Zhou Qingsheng is Professor in the Graduate School of CASS, Deputy Director and Research Fellow in the Center for Research on Chinese Minority Languages of CASS, Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Chinese Sociolinguistics, President of the Association of Chinese Sociolinguistics, Vice-president and General Secretary of the Society of Chinese Minority Languages. He taught at Zhengzhou University between 1978 and 1985 and has been working at the IEA of CASS since 1988. His research areas include language policy and language planning, language and culture, bilingual education, social linguistics, and linguistic anthropology. 周庆生,現任中國社會科學院硏究生院民族系教授,中國社科院少數民族語言硏究中心副主任、硏究員,《中國社會語言學》杂志主編,中國社會語言學會會長,中國民族語言學會副會長兼秘書長。1978至1985年在鄭州大學中文系任教,1988年至今在中國社科院民族硏究所從事硏究工作。硏究領域:語言政策、語言規劃、語言與文化、雙語教學、社會語言學、語言人類學等。

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