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Seminars by Dr. Tao Hongyin
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Topic:  Seminars by Dr. Tao Hongyin
posted itemPosted - 24/02/2005 :  14:50:54
Dr. Tao Hongyin

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics



Dr. Tao Hongyin

Departments of Asian Languages and Cultures and Applied Linguistics, UCLA

"Discourse Perspectives on Meaning and Structure, with Implications for English-Chinese Translation"

Venue: P4910, Purple Zone,Level 4, City University of Hong Kong Date: 25th February 2005 (Friday) Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

About the Speaker

Dr. Tao Hongyin receives his PhD in linguistics from the Department of Linguistics, University of California at Santa Barbara in 1993. He has since taught at the National University of Singapore, Cornell University, and UCLA. He is Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in the Departments of Asian Languages and Cultures and Applied Linguistics, UCLA. He is presently a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Chinese, Translation, and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong. His main publications are Units in Mandarin Conversation: Prosody, Discourse, and Grammar (John Benjamin 1996) and Current Trends in Sociolinguistics (co-author, Chinese Social Sciences Publishing House, 1997 and 2004).


Understanding linguistic meaning and structure is a prerequisite to language translation. Yet traditionally emphases have been placed on low level units such as words and similar elements in understanding meaning and structure. In this talk I present some discourse perspectives on these issues and highlight the need to focus on higher level structural units and meaning beyond the word. Sample cases include: why 'cause' in English has a bad connotation? Why something that co-occurs with 'fasheng' ??Iacute; in Chinese can be highly undesirable? Why English speakers usually wait before producing some 'which' clauses? And finally how the adverb 'absolutely' has become independent in use and positive in meaning just by itself?
Seminar Series by Dr. Tao Hongyin in the Department http://moscow.cityu.edu.hk/~ctsemina/0405/hongyin.htm 4th March: "Tools of the Trade: Technologies for Research and Student Projects" 7th March: "'The Chinese Eat Chopsticks; Westerners Eat Knives and Forks': On the Dynamic Nature of Language and Its Implications for Translation Dr Tao's Contact Information at City U: Office: B7528, Tel: 2784-4341 Email: hoyitao@cityu.edu.hk"

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