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Double Majors

LT offer students Double Majors integrating professional education in linguistics, translation, media and communication, and digital television and broadcasting.

  • Offered by the Department of Linguistics and Translation (LT)
  • Jointly offered by LT and the Department of Media and Communication

Eligibility and Period for Add/Drop a Second Major:

Please refer to the ARRO website for details.

Tuition and Fees

In accordance with Clause 5.1.4 of the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees: Students who cannot complete their second major within the stipulated maximum credit limit may still continue to pursue the double major. Any further course registration exceeding the maximum credit unit limit must be self-financed.



Presentation file extracted from the Zoom meeting of "Planning for your future” conducted on 22 June 2022


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Page last updated: 7 July 2022