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Remarks on the Meaning of Dou by Professor Xu Liejiong
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Topic:  Remarks on the Meaning of Dou by Professor Xu Liejiong
posted itemPosted - 17/11/2004 :  17:30:31
Professor Xu Liejiong

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics



Professor Xu Liejiong

Remarks on the Meaning of Dou

Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Date: 19th November 2004 (Friday)

Venue: B7603 (CTL Multi-purpose Room), City University of Hong Kong


Dou is a Chinese adverb extensively studied and variously interpreted as universal quantifier, marker of distributivity, sum operator, focus-sensitive operator, etc. in the literature. This paper reconsiders its meaning and use. Among the issues addressed are: What is the common core of the different senses of dou ? Does it necessarily involve an alternative set? Is it truly a universal quantifier? Does it quantify an individual or an event? What is the difference of the so-called "leftward quantification" and "rightward quantification"? What is the difference between dou and zhi viewed in the light of Beaver and Clark (2003)'s differentiation between always and only in terms of focus sensitivity? The paper will be presented in Mandarin Chinese.
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