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Research Seminar : "A Theory of Context for Dialogue Interaction"
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Topic:  Research Seminar : "A Theory of Context for Dialogue Interaction"
posted itemPosted - 24/06/2008 :  10:38:50
City University of Hong Kong Dep

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics
Research Seminar

A Theory of Context for Dialogue Interaction

Presented by

Prof. Jonathan Ginzburg

Department of Computer Science, King's College, London

Date: 8 Jul 2008, Tuesday
Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm
B7516 (Lift 3, 7/F, Blue Zone), Academic Building, CityU


The talk will address the issue of how to develop a theory of context that is capable of comprehensively characterizing the variety of conversational moves observed in dialogue, as evinced in move taxonomies such as the Map Task and the DAMSL coding scheme, as well as underpinning the grammatical analysis of non sentential utterances, one of the distinguishing features of conversation. The theory I will exposit, within the framework KoS (Ginzburg 1996, 2008; Larsson, 2002; Cooper, 2005), enables illocutionary interaction (e.g. querying, assertion, greetings, partings etc.) to be smoothly interleaved  with metacommunicative interaction (e.g. grounding, clarification questions) and scales up to multi-party interaction, as well as down to self-correction and other disfluencies.


Jonathan Ginzburg received his PhD at Stanford. He has held research posts at Edinburgh, Gothenburg, and Potsdam and is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, King's College, London.

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