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Verbal Image: A Dialogue Between Linguistics and Literature
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Topic:  Verbal Image: A Dialogue Between Linguistics and Literature
posted itemPosted - 09/12/2000 :  11:27:20
Department of Chinese, Translation & Linguistics & Language Information Sciences Research Centre Jointly present a CTL&RCL Colloquium Verbal Image: A Dialogue Between Linguistics and Literature Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm Date: Monday, 11 December 2000 Venue: CTL Conference Room B7533, CityU Languages: English and Putonghua When one says in Chinese 「廄有肥馬」('stable:have:fat:horse')*, in what sense would this be different from, for instance, saying 「我有肥馬」('I:have:fat:horse') ? Is the 'structure of verbal image' in the Chinese language different from those in western languages? Starting from these topics, some colleagues in the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong: Prof. CHENG Chin-chuan (Moderator) Prof. ZHANG Longxi Prof. XU Liejiong Dr. Randy LaPolla Dr. PAN Haihua Dr. Jenny Wang Mr. Caesar Lun will be exploring, in an informal, free, and open-minded atmosphere, some interesting language phenomena from the perspectives of comparative literature, formal linguistics, functional linguistics and cognitive linguistics. See what exciting sparks come out of this interaction when we put our heads together… Don't forget to come and join us! *Mencius cited in Wang Li ('Bijiao Yuyanxue yu Zhongguo Wenfa') to illustrate the necessity for studying Chinese grammar in terms of 'structure of verbal image'. Enquiries: 2788-8705 ___________________ All are welcome ____________________


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