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LT1201 Introduction to Linguistics and Language Applications


How the Phonology of English in L2 Speakers Are Affected By Their Native Languages

Student Teacher
Dr. LUN, Suen Caesar

The project investigates the effects of the phonology of a person’s native language on their pronunciation of English. It compares the phonology of three languages with languages, namely, Spanish, Japanese and Cantonese, chosen because of their vast difference in vowels, consonants and prosody respectively. The project presents phonemes that might be difficult for native speakers of those languages to pronounce, since they do not have such phonemic distinction in their own languages.


LT1202 Discovering How Language Works in a University Setting


Evaluating the Mandarin-taught Chinese class and Cantonese-taught Chinese class in terms of the reading and writing proficiency of Primary Students in Hong Kong

Student Teacher
Dr. TSAI, Cheng Yu Edwin

After the handover in 1997, Hong Kong has been having an intimate relationship with China. What inspired me to investigate the issue is that the newly-launched language policy in primary education has been said to be detrimental to students’ Chinese learning efficiency. However, interestingly, some of the members from the education profession give credits to the Mandarin-taught Chinese class due to the resemblance of Mandarin and written Chinese. The polarization between the two made me decided to work on this topic.

This paper evaluates and compares the learning efficiency of both Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese education in primary schools in terms of reading and writing proficiency.



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