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LT4380 Theory of Translation


Text Analysis and Equivalence in Translations of “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Student Teacher
Dr. TSAI, Cheng Yu Edwin

“The Tell-Tale Heart” is a breathless, frightening monologue of the disintegration of consciousness and conscience due to obsession. In the form of unidirectional communication, Poe reveals the mental turmoil of narrator through clever arrangement in sentence structures, leading us to question the narrator. This paper aims at understanding the function of marked textual structure in Poe’s work. Comparison was made between two translated texts, 〈泄密的心〉and 〈露餡的心跳〉, by Xu Ruchun (徐汝椿) and Sun Fali (孫法理) to explore their respective approaches in dealing with the artistic organization of Poe.


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LT3322 Reading Bilingual Literature


A Comparative Study of Bilingual Writing and Translation with Reference to a Bilingual Article and a Bilingual Speech

Student Teacher
Dr. SHEUNG, Shing Yue Richard

Hong Kong is known for its bilingualism with government publications available both in English and Chinese to suit different preferences. This paper studies the stylistic differences between an article and a speech, both published bilingually, by two principal officials in the SAR government. The article has a fluent English and Chinese version, but features differences in presentation order, diction and emphasis; the speech is faithfully matched by its translation, which however does not read smoothly. The study concludes that, depending on purpose and audience, bilingual writing may be a more suitable approach than translation in the production of bilingual literature.


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LT3379 Practical Translation


Beautiful Aninuan
安暖好風光 投入菲律賓世外桃源

Student Teacher
Dr. CHAN, Ho Yan Clara

This is the first translation project students are engaged in, which involves the finding of their own source texts, translating in their own style and producing an end product. This group of students has produced one of the most eye-catching texts (magazine article) with their creativity both in the art and design as well as translation techniques.


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LT4235 Project


An Eye Tracking Study of Cognitive Effort Allocation Across Translation Subtasks

Student Teacher
Dr. KIT, Chunyu

The project aims to identify distribution patterns of translators’ cognitive effort to different subtasks of translation during the entire translation process. With the aid of a video-based, eye tracking system, the empirical investigation in this project attempts three major analyses: (1) analysis of generalized patterns of attentional distribution to compare the levels of cognitive effort required in respective subtasks; (2) analysis of the fixation duration and pupil size to investigate the cognitive workload among different subtasks and also the relationship between key events and fixation durations; (3) analysis of translators’ working styles with respect to cross interest area saccades and duration of follow-up fixations. The analyses are presented together with discussions and references to previous models, and possible avenues to future research are also sketched.


LT3355 Audiovisual Translation


Les Mousserables (Les Misérables Parody)

Student Teacher
Mr AU, Kim Lung Kenneth

Translating a humorous kid show targeting primary students and teenagers is indeed a quite challenging task, as the translator has to cater to their educational and language level, at the same time avoids complicated translation. On the other hand, the genre-specific constraints of audiovisual translation (AVT), namely, temporal and spatial constraints, add further difficulty for the translator. This project is an attempt to reproduce the humour of the video of a puppet show “Sesame Street: Les Mousserables (Les Mis Parody)”, which is clearly a parody of the famous musical “Les Misérables.” The students discovered the strategies to translate the lyrics and the word plays on the one hand, and the culture-specific items (CSIs) in the puppet show on the other. Following the general six-second rule of AVT, the Chinese subtitled video is successful in reproducing the humorous effects through the translation of the word play and the funny parody of “Les Misérables.” Intertextuality is a key feature in the project as the translator should remind the audience of the parody effect of the lyrics and the CSIs.


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Scripts for subtitles: ST and TT

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