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Shanghai Study Tour

English/Putonghua Interpreter Training Program & Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

2016 Shanghai Study Tour

Programme coordinator: Dr. YAN, Xiu Jackie

Programme Organizer and Partner Institution

Department of Linguistics and Translation, City University of Hong Kong
Shanghai International Studies University(上海外國語大學)

Programme period

May - July 2018 (32 days)

Aims of the Programme

The programme aims to:

  1. provide students of Translation and 1nterpretation major (T&I) who are interested in the subject of Putonghua-English interpretation a chance to study and live in Mainland --- a Putonghua speaking environment;
  2. help T&I students achieve professionalism by enhancing their Putonghua and interpretation skills and enriching their knowledge in translation through attending lectures provided by trainers in one of the world's most prestigious interpreting programs;
  3. offer students who major in Linguistics and Language Applications (LLA) an opportunity to learn to teach Chinese as a second language (TCSL) at this leading institute in language studies and teaching;
  4. provide them an opportunity to exchange learning experience and establish personal and academic relationship with college students in Mainland and international students who are learning Chinese there;
  5. provide students an opportunity to experience the culture in Shanghai, one of the most dynamic cities in China.

2016 Shanghai Study Tour

Intended Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the project, students should be able to:

  1. enhance skills in translation, interpretation and languages, Putonghua and English through exploration, innovation and a discovery-enriched training programme;
  2. describe the differences between teaching programs provided in Hong Kong and the Mainland;
  3. apply various methods in translation and Chinese teaching, and improve their specialized knowledge in the Chinese language;
  4. compare the advantages and differences of teaching Chinese in Mainland and Hong Kong;
  5. apply cultural knowledge gained in this tour to T&I and TCSL practice

Programme Activities

  1. Courses: Taking non-credit bearing courses in TCSL designed for native Chinese speakers, and special T&I courses offered by the host university.
  2. Students will be given the chance to attend various regular courses on campus in the host university and blend in with mainland students.
  3. Evaluation session: All the participants will be assessed by the end of the student tour. T&I major students will be assessed on their Putonghua-English Interpreting skills; LLA students will be assessed by their grades of the TCSL courses
  4. Exchange activities: Attending discussion sessions and other activities with mainland Chinese students. Students will also be given opportunities to meet international students at the host university.
  5. Culture tour: Conduct group projects related to translation studies and language teaching through data/material collecting tours in places with educational and cultural value to the students.
2016 Shanghai Study Tour

Programme participants

12 LT full-time UGC-funded undergraduates will participate in the programme.

Selection criteria:

  1. GPA and relevant academic achievements;
  2. Interview performance;
  3. Language competence and additional skills (event organizing, photography,graphic design, editing, etc.).

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

At the end of the tour, the T&I students will be assessed by an interpreting test. The source text used for the interpreting test is equivalent to the Intermediate-level Interpreter Qualifying Test in Mainland China. For the LLA students, they will be given an exam to test their abilities in Chinese language and TCSL practice.

  1. A tour questionnaire survey
  2. The participants are required to submit a report. The teacher and the students will work together in gathering evidence of achievement based on the students' reports.
  3. Students will give a group project presentation based on their unique experience and learning outcomes.
  4. Video records and photos submitted by the students.
  5. A brochure will be produced the students. In this task, the roles of the Editor-in-Chief, editors, photographers, designers will all be played by the students.



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