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web url Date and venue - 24-11-2012, City University of Hong Kong
web url The Ninth International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies

The Ninth International Symposium on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies


Homepage: http://www.japanese-edu.org.hk/sympo/index.php?code=1


City University of Hong Kong and Society of Japanese Language Education, Hong Kong will hold a Symposium in November 2012. This symposium will be the ninth in a series of international symposiums on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies held every two years in Hong Kong. The event has already established itself as a tradition among the scholars and educators in this area. This symposium is in collaboration with colleagues from other local universities and colleges in Hong Kong. Therefore, this event will become the focus of attention of all scholars and educators of Japanese language and Japanese Studies in Hong Kong and can be considered as a major event. In addition, the symposium has a strong attendance record of participants from Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, other East and South East Asian countries. This time we are looking forward to expanding the scope of the participants even further to include Oceania, Europe and America.

Theme of the Symposium

We expect this symposium to foster communication and exchange among a large number of educators and researchers in Japanese studies, as well as among those interested in Japan. This year, the theme of the symposium is Interactivity, Praxis and Possibilities. The focus on interactivity would encourage further intercultural understanding and raise the level of education and research. The symposium provides an opportunity for discussion of current developments and research on a range of cultural and teaching issues related to Japan, and or among East Asian societies (i.e., Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea). We welcome scholars, students, and practitioners from all disciplinary backgrounds who are interested in Japanese studies.

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