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International Conference on
the Cross-cultural Legacy of Lin Yutang in China and America

LinYutang (photo credit: people.chinese.cn)

19-20 December 2011

Venue: Multi-media Conference Room
4/F Cheng Yick-chi Building
City University of Hong Kong

Sponsored by: Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong

Co-sponsored by: Hong Kong-America Center

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(Last updated: 8 December 2011)
Plenary Speakers:
Professor Chou Chih-ping, Princeton University
Professor Wolfgang Kubin, Bonn University
“Lin Yutang's Importance for the Modern and Contemporary World”
Speakers include:
Professor Charles W. Hayford, Northwestern University
“The Lin Family and Chinese Food: Nationalism, Diaspora, and Tradition”
Professor Ho Khai Leong, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
“Lin Yutang in the History of Nanyang University”
Professor Huang Yunte, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Wisdom Made in China: Lin Yutang and Chinese Wisdom Products in America”
Professor Charles Laughlin, University of Virginia
“Lin Yutang’s Unique Adoption of Tradition”
Professor Thomas S. Mullaney, Stanford University
“Splitting the Chinese Atom: Lin Yutang, the MingKwai Typewriter, and the Crisis of Information Retrieval in 20th Century China”
Professor Qian Suoqiao, City University of Hong Kong
“The Birth of a ‘Chinese Philosopher:’ Lin Yutang’s Arrival in America (1935-1938)”
Professor Diran John Sohigian, Shih Chien University, Taiwan
“Lin Yutang and the Criticism of Criticism of Criticism: Self-Expression in Modern China and America”
Professor Yin Xiao-huang , Michigan State University
“A Man Full of Contradictions: A Study of the Difference between Lin Yutang’s Writing in English and in Chinese”
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