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Ms. HE, Juan  (賀娟)

PhD Student (Full Time)

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Email: juanhe4-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
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Research Interests

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Last updated: 21 January 2020

My research areas are Systemic Functional Linguistics, (multimodal) discourse analysis, college English teaching and news media development in China in online environments.

Recent publications, projects and conference paper:

He, J. (2019). Two-layer reading positions in comments on online news discourse about China. Discourse & Communication, 13(5), 473–496. https://doi.org/10.1177/1750481319856206

He, J. (2018). The Follow-up English Course Construction based on Multimodal Appraisal Theory. Journal of Jimei Universityvol. 19(02):82-88.

He, J. (2016). Construction of Appraisal Meanings in Multimodal Speech

Discourse. Journal of Zhejiang Sci-tech University (Social Sciences Edition): vol. 36(3):272-278.

He, J. (2016). What Makes ‘hehe’ a Hurting Expression on the Internet: An Interpretative analysis Based on Appraisal. Journal of Lingnan Normal University: vol. 37(1): 96-99.

The Intersemiotic Interpersonal Interactions in Multimodal College English Teaching, 2017(Funded by Fujian Provincial Department of Education Research Grant, project No: JAS170226).

Modeling Teachers’ Engagement Meanings in Multimodal Teaching Environment, 2016 (Funded by Jimei University Research Grant, project No: JY16051).

"Divergent values and reading positions in multimodal news discourse" in 2018 Australian Systemic Functional Linguistics Association Conference, the University of South Australia, Sep 26-28, Adelaide.

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