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Dr. GLYNN, Dominic

BA (Warwick), MA (London), DPhil (Oxon)
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE)

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: YEUNG-B7714
Phone: (852) 3442 8739
Fax: (852) 3442 0359
Email: dsglynn@cityu.edu.hk
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Research Interests

Adaptation and theatre
Literature and translation
Literary sociology

Teaching Interests

Translation theory
Cultural translation
Theatre practice
European literature

Last updated: 11 July 2019

Dominic Glynn joined City U in 2018 from the University of London, where he was Lecturer in French Studies at the Institute of Modern Languages Research. Following a career in professional theatre, his primary area of research is in theatre translation and adaptation. In his monograph (Re)Telling Old Stories (Peter Lang, 2015), he analysed the dynamics of translating ancient mythological narratives to the late twentieth century French stage through the prism of two productions by Peter Brook and Ariane Mnouchkine. He has also worked on the bilingual oeuvre of Samuel Beckett, and its reception in France and the UK. Since October 2017, he has been the principle investigator of an Arts and Humanities Research Network Grant (UK) entitled “Literature under Constraint” (LUC). The LUC project assembles a cutting-edge network of researchers and stakeholders (publishers, writers and translators) from the UK, Europe and North America. The research team works to elucidate which factors (mind-sets, political context, social environments, intermediaries) shape and constrain literary production, but also to explore whether constraint bolsters creative activity. He is the general editor (with Catherine Davies) of the Journal of Romance Studies (https://online.liverpooluniversitypress.co.uk/loi/jrs). 


Research Grants (as Principal Investigator)

Literature under Constraint, Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Research Networking Scheme (HK$ 381 396)

Selected Publications (in recent 6 years)


Marine Roussillon, Sylvaine Guyot, Dominic Glynn, Marie-Madeleine Fragonard (eds.) 2018. Littéraire. Pour Alain Viala I. Arras : Artois Presses Université.

Marine Roussillon, Sylvaine Guyot, Dominic Glynn, Marie-Madeleine Fragonard (eds.) 2018. Littéraire. Pour Alain Viala II. Arras : Artois Presses Université.

Glynn, Dominic. 2015. Lignes de fuite. Paris: L’Harmattan.

Glynn, Dominic. 2015. (Re-)Telling Old Stories: Peter Brook’s Mahabharata and Ariane Mnouchkine’s Les Atrides. Brussels: Peter Lang.

Journal Articles

Glynn, Dominic. 2017. ‘War Remembered on Stage as Reims Stages Europe: Festival Report’, European Stages 10.1 <http://europeanstages.org/2017/10/28/war-remembered-on-stage-as-reims-stages-europe-festival-report/>

Glynn, Dominic. 2016. ‘A Classic Problem: The State of French Theatre’. Journal of Romance Studies 16.3: 126-31

Glynn, Dominic. 2016. ‘Reading Across the Channel: The French Literature Reading Group at the Institut français’. Journal of Romance Studies 16.2: 112-5

Glynn, Dominic. 2016. ‘A European Director on the French Stage: Remembering Luc Bondy’. Contemporary Theatre Review 26.3: 403-4

Glynn, Dominic. 2015. ‘Macbeth. Directed by Ariane Mnouchkine’. Theatre Journal 67.1: 115-7

Glynn, Dominic. 2017. “Franglais Fops” and Mocking the French in English Restoration Theatre. ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews 18.1: 18-21 <http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0895769X.2017.1361804

Glynn, Dominic. 2017. The Shipwrecking of Literature: All at Sea with Olivier Cadiot. Journal of Romance Studies 17.1: 37-51 <https://doi.org/10.3828/jrs.2017.2>

Glynn, Dominic. 2015. Reloading the Canon: Ariane Mnouchkine’s Les Atrides’. New Zealand Journal of French Studies 36.1-2: 7-18, ISSN 0110-7380

Glynn, Dominic. 2015. Intertextuality and / in Cadiot. French Studies Bulletin 36 (136): 47-9 <https://doi.org/10.1093/frebul/ktv014>

Glynn, Dominic. 2014. Opposing Forces: Distance and Proximity in Peter Brook’s Mahabharata. Irish Journal of French Studies 14: 119-36 <https://doi.org/10.7173/164913314814213711>

Book Chapters

Roussillon, Marine, Guyot, Sylvaine, Glynn, Dominic, Fragonard, Marie-Madeleine. In press. Présentation. In Littéraire. Pour Alain Viala. eds. By Marine Roussillon, Sylvaine Guyot, Dominic Glynn, Marie-Madeleine Fragonard. Arras : Artois Presses Université.

Glynn, Dominic. 2017. Uncovering a Classic: Ariane Mnouchkine’s Les Atrides, George

Rodosthenous (ed), Contemporary Adaptations of Greek Tragedy: Auteurship and Directorial Visions. London: Bloomsbury Methuen), 213-26

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