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Dr. TSAI, Cheng Yu Edwin  (蔡承佑)

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: YEUNG-B7612
Phone: (852) 3442 9771
Fax: (852) 3442 0359
Email: cytsai@cityu.edu.hk
Web: CityU Scholars
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Research Interests

Teaching Interests

Last updated: 18 July 2019

Dr. Tsai received his Ph.D. from Harvard University and M.A. from National Tsing Hua University, both in linguistics. Before joining City University of Hong Kong in August 2016, he served as College Fellow in the Department of Linguistics at Harvard teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. His main research interests include syntax, semantics, and Chinese linguistics.

Selected Publications (in recent 6 years)

Journal Articles

  • Tsai, C.-Y. Edwin. Accepted. Exhaustivity and bare numeral phrases in Mandarin. Language and Linguistics.
  • Tsai, C.-Y. Edwin. 2018. The syntax and semantics of descriptive V-de constructions: A Primary Predication analysis. International Journal of Chinese Linguistics 5(1), 59–93.
  • Scontras, G., M. Polinsky, C.-Y. Edwin Tsai, and K. Mai. 2017. Cross-linguistic scope ambiguity: When two systems meet. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 2(1), 36.
  • Tsai, C.-Y. Edwin. 2015. A note on Fukui’s note. Studies in Chinese Linguistics 36(2): 69–80.

Conference Proceedings

  • Tsai, C.-Y. Edwin . 2017. Preverbal number phrases in Mandarin and the scalar reasoning of jiu. Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 34), ed. Aaron Kaplan et al., 554–561.
  • Tsai, C.-Y. Edwin. 2015. On a proper treatment of interrogative scope in Chinese wh-in-situ. In Proceedings of the 49th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 49). Chicago: Chicago University Press.
  • Tsai, C.-Y. Edwin. 2015. Unifying Mandarin dou-constructions. In Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (NELS 45), ed. Thuy Bui and Deniz ÖzyIldIz, 165–174.
  • Tsai, C.-Y. Edwin, Gregory Scontras, Kenneth Mai and Maria Polinsky. 2014. Prohibiting inverse scope: An experimental study of Chinese vs. English. In Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 10 (EISS 10), ed. Christopher Piñón, 305–322.
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