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Research Seminar "The Reciprocal Influences of Religion between China and Japan"
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Topic:  Research Seminar "The Reciprocal Influences of Religion between China and Japan"
posted itemPosted - 07/01/2009 :  15:29:08
City University of Hong Kong Dep

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics
Research Seminar

The Reciprocal Influences of Religion between China and Japan

Presented by

Dr. Chen Jidong

Department of Human Studies, Musashino University

Date: 20 January 2009, Tuesday
Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm (revised)
Y4302 (4/F, Yellow Zone), Academic Building, CityU (revised)

Language: Putonghua


It is a well-known fact that Chinese religion has exerted great influence on Japan. However, few of us know that Japanese religion does have impact on modern China. This talk will focus on exploring how China was affected by Japanese Buddhism since 1870. Through the introduction of the exchange of four people from China and Japan, the reciprocal influences of religion between China and Japan can be explained. The four persons are: Benran (1830~), from Beijing; Ogurusu Kocho (1831-1905), the first monk who came from Jodo Shinshu, Japan, and who introduced Buddhism to China; Yang Wenhui (1837-1911), a representative figure in contemporary Chinese Buddhism; and Najio Bunyiu (1849-1927), who conducted research in contemporary Japanese Buddhism. The exchange between Yang and Najio introduced Contemporary European studies of Buddhism into China. A thorough study of such exchanges will shed light on the fundamental transformations of Buddhism in China and Japan.


Dr. Chen Jidong is Associate Professor at the Department of Human Studies, Musashino University, Tokyo, Japan. Previously he has taught in the Department of Philosophy, Peking University. Dr. Chen’s research focuses on Sino-Japanese studies on Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, and contemporary philosophy. His major publications include: A Study of Chinese Buddhism during the Late Qing-dynasty (Sankibo Bushorin Press, Tokyo, Japan, 2003); Chinese Buddhist Culture (co-authored with Jun-Ichiro Endo, Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan Publishing Co., 2008); and Beijing Jishi [A Japanese Monk’s Diary of Peking] (co-authored with Liwei Chen, Zhonghua Book Co., 2008).

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