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On Chinese Language and Science: An Informal Discussion
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Topic:  On Chinese Language and Science: An Informal Discussion
posted itemPosted - 06/03/2001 :  14:20:33
Department of Chinese, Translation & Linguistics & Institute of Chinese Linguistics Seminar Topic: On Chinese Language and Science: An Informal Discussion By Prof. Joseph Chen (程貞一教授) UC, San Diego / City University of Hong Kong Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm Date: 23 April 2001 (Monday) Venue: CTL Conference Room B7533, CityU Abstract: Chinese language and science has been a topic of discussion dating back at least to the 14th century when Chinese books were translated into other languages. In this talk, I would like to draw from my experience in the translation of ancient work in science and to raise a number of questions for discussion. One of the basic questions is "What is the language of science?" Case discussions will be made on the issue of concept versus symbol, of precision versus selective fuzziness, and of the thought process of de-cheng 得成 versus that of proof. Biography: Joseph C. Y. Chen is a Professor of Physics at the University of California, San Diego. Before joining UCSD, he did research at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, Colorado and the Manchester University, England. His research interest has been in atomic and molecular physics and in the history and philosophy of science. Other than research articles in scientific journals and monographs, Chen has also publications in the history of science which include Two-Tone Set-Bells of Marquis Yi (World Scientific, 1994) and Early Chinese Work in Natural Science (Hong Kong University Press, 1996). He is currently a member of the International Advisory Board for the Journal Studies in the History of Natural Sciences. Enquiries: 2788-8705 ________________ All are welcome! __________________


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