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Exhibition and Seminar of “Lighthouses: Paradise Beyond the City”
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Topic:  Exhibition and Seminar of “Lighthouses: Paradise Beyond the City”
posted itemPosted - 07/06/2022 :  19:09:30

Exhibition and Seminar of “Lighthouses: Paradise Beyond the City”

The Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections Project of the City University of Hong Kong, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, organized an exhibition and seminar titled “Lighthouses: Paradise Beyond the City” 22 May 2022. This event was held to pay tribute to Charles Thirlwell (1918-1985), a Hong Kong-born British lighthouse keeper who dedicated most of his life to the concerns of fishermen and was dubbed “Father of the Fishermen”.

Charles Thirlwell's family and friends were invited to share their memories with him. Students from the Department of Linguistics and Translation, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Department of Media and Communication, Department of Chinese and History, and Special Educational Needs of the City University of Hong Kong presented their creative lighthouse studies in a way of audio description, 3D reconstruction, video and images, multi-lingual narratives and simultaneous interpreting. Professor Kit Chunyu, the Acting head of LT was invited to give an opening remark.

You can find the information about this event from the following link:
Overview of the exhibition: https://www.hkmaritimemuseum.org/event-details/Lighthouses-Paradise-Beyond-the-City
“Lighthouse Memories: Tang Lung Chau Lighthouse” documentary: https://cityuhk-lms.ap.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=c32f8403-d345-4728-a52c-aea1009736ba

Downloads (photos, ppts, etc.): click here.




《燈塔下的「市」外桃源》活動介紹: https://www.hkmaritimemuseum.org/event-details/Lighthouses-Paradise-Beyond-the-City
《燈塔記憶:燈籠洲燈塔》紀錄片: https://cityuhk-lms.ap.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=c32f8403-d345-4728-a52c-aea1009736ba


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