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4. Sequencing Syntactic Structures by Prof. Teng Shouhsin 鄧守信教授
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Topic:  4. Sequencing Syntactic Structures by Prof. Teng Shouhsin 鄧守信教授
posted itemPosted - 15/04/2003 :  09:50:13
Teng Shouhsin

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics 中文、翻譯及語言學系

Institute of Chinese Linguistics 中國語言學研究所

Language Information Sciences Research Centre 語言資訊科技研究中心

Seminar Series: A Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese 研討會系列: 對外漢語教學語法


Professor Teng Shouhsin 鄧守信教授

Institute of Chinese as a Second Language National Taiwan Normal University 國立台灣師範大學 華語文教學研究所

4. Sequencing Syntactic Structures 4. 語法結構之排序

Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm 下午四時三十分至下午六時

Date: 23rd April 2003 (Wednesday) 日期: 二零零三年四月二十三日 (星期三)

Venue: B7603 (CTL Multi-purpose Room), City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學 B7603 室 (中文,翻譯及語言學系多用途室)

Abstract 摘要

Inherent to a property of pedagogical grammars, that it is cumulative, is the feature that syntactic structures to be included are graded and sequenced. This feature has traditionally been practiced intuitively and probably without awareness in most cases. This segment of the series sets out giving this feature a theoretical foundation, establishing syntactic sequencing as a procedure not based on pedagogues' experience or intuition but on quantifiable and empirical means. Sequencing has, or ought to have major impact on the compilation of language instructional materials. A set of criteria for syntactic sequencing will be presented and illustrated in this talk; 3 primary factors (vocabulary, structures, and situations), intra-system sequencing, extra-system sequencing, frequency count, structure-dependent sequencing, structural and semantic complexities, inter-linguistic distance, L1 acquisition perspectives, and finally L2 acquisition perspectives.
Language of presentation: Mandarin Chinese 演講語言: 普通話
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