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1. Pedagogical Grammar: Preliminaries and Basic Framework by Prof. Teng Shouhsin 鄧守信教授
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Topic:  1. Pedagogical Grammar: Preliminaries and Basic Framework by Prof. Teng Shouhsin 鄧守信教授
posted itemPosted - 20/03/2003 :  16:16:44
Teng Shouhsin

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics 中文、翻譯及語言學系

Institute of Chinese Linguistics 中國語言學研究所

Language Information Sciences Research Centre 語言資訊科技研究中心

Seminar Series: A Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese 研討會系列: 對外漢語教學語法


Professor Teng Shouhsin 鄧守信教授

Institute of Chinese as a Second Language National Taiwan Normal University 國立台灣師範大學 華語文教學研究所

1. Pedagogical Grammar: Preliminaries and Basic Framework 1. 教學語法: 初步的理論架構

Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm 下午四時三十分至下午六時

Date: 26 March 2003 (Wednesday) 日期: 二零零三年三月二十六日 (星期三)

Venue: B7603 (CTL Multi-purpose Room), City University of Hong Kong 香港城市大學 B7603 室 (中文,翻譯及語言學系多用途室)

Abstract 摘要

Pedagogical grammar is a new field in applied linguistics, in particular modern language instruction. It is primarily based on analytical syntactic analyses as its foundation, but it further incorporates learning perspectives. As learners of languages vary widely in their personal backgrounds, a pedagogical grammar is by its own definition multifaceted. Furthermore, as pedagogical grammar relates to the use of language, it also relies heavily on computational linguistics. A pedagogical grammar is by necessity learner-oriented and prescriptive. It is also cumulative, in that a structure (i.e. a construction or pattern) is broken down into several sub-structures and presented in stages. This property entails grading syntactic structures on a scale of difficulty in learning/acquisition, which will be elaborated in these lectures. Within and across different stages in the process of learning, syntactic structures are sequenced. Sequencing is to be determined on the basis of structural and semantic complexity, frequency of use, rates of error, and inter-language distance. 教學語法是應用語言學及現代語言教學法中的新領域,其主要是以理論語法分析為基礎,此外亦考量學習者的種種因素。由於語言學習者的背景有很大的差異,因此教學語法也採多面向的考量。再者,因教學語法與語言使用有所相關,故也與計算機語言學有密切的關聯。 教學語法是以學習者為導向,是一種規範性、累進式的教學語法。即一個語法結構可分出幾個次結構,在不同的學習階段教授。根據學習/習得的困難度將語法結構分等級乃為教學語法的特性。 這些語法結構的分等級原則將會有詳細說明。在不同的學習階段中,語法結構之教授是經過排序的。而排序的標準則是以語法困難度、語義困難度、使用頻率、病句出現頻率以及跨語言差距 (inter-language distance) 為根據。
Language of presentation: Mandarin Chinese 演講語言: 普通話
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