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Research Seminar: "Note-taking and Voice Coaching in Interpretation"
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Topic:  Research Seminar: "Note-taking and Voice Coaching in Interpretation"
posted itemPosted - 08/04/2010 :  10:41:33

Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics


Research Seminar


Note-taking and Voice Coaching in Interpretation

Presented by

Professor Corinne Imhauser

Head, Interpretation Department

Institut Superieur de Traducteurs et Interpretes (ISTI), Belgium


Date:            16 April 2010, Friday
Time:            4:30 - 6:00pm
Venue:         P4801 (Level 4, Purple Zone), Academic Building, CityU






Consecutive interpretation is considered to be a fundamental step in terms of interpreter training.  On the other hand, it is also used in a number of cases such as expert meetings, events where no booths are available or “dinner speeches”.

Pedagogically, consecutive interpreting makes it possible to develop the skills that are considered to be essential to produce high level simultaneous interpretation - as it is the case in major international institutions.

Note-taking is not only a useful tool allowing the interpreter to be accurate and faithful to the original.  It also builds up the analytical ability that a good interpreter needs to deverbalise the message, break it into sense blocks, and identify the internal organisation of a speech as well as intention and ‘effect’.

The seminar will focus on basic rules used in Western countries for effective note-taking. Symbols and abbreviations will also be discussed within the framework of the specific features of the Chinese language.

Voice coaching will also be described as there is growing awareness that effective management of breathing, posture and modulation have a major impact not only on voice quality but also on stress management as well as on concentration.









Professor Corinne Imhauser is currently Head of the Interpretation Department at ISTI HEB (Higher Institute of Translation and Interpreting), Brussels, Belgium, and an international consultant with the EU Commission, the European Parliament and the International Criminal Court. Graduated in translation and interpretation from the University of Mons (Belgium), she has been working both as a professional interpreter / audiovisual translator and in academia for the past twenty five years.  She set up one of the first subtitling courses in Europe, developed digital subtitling software as well as a pedagogical approach for the teaching of subtitling. She has been invited to give lectures, organize training seminars and workshops for practitioners, students or professors in a large number of universities in Europe, Asia, the US and Africa. She has been on the Steering Committee of the international conference ‘Languages and the Media’ for ten years, and was Chair of the FIT (International Federation of Translation) Media Committee from 2003 to 2005. She was the Coordinator of the postgraduate Studies in Multimedia Translation at ISTI, Brussels until 2006.  In the past four years, she has been involved in interdisciplinary projects with researchers, professionals and trainers to study ways in which the challenge of ‘live captioning’ can be met. She is also involved in voice coaching in EU and other international institutions. She has published articles on the pedagogy of subtitling and subtitling research.  



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