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Linguistic Description and Exploration Using RDF
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Topic:  Linguistic Description and Exploration Using RDF
posted itemPosted - 27/04/2001 :  09:40:44
Department of Chinese, Translation & Linguistics Research Student Presentation Linguistic Description and Exploration Using RDF By Cecilia Wong (王淑雯) City University of Hong Kong Time: 4:30 - 6:00 pm Date: 07 May 2001 (Monday) Venue: B4701, Academic Building, CityU Abstract In addition to the typical methods employed in information retrieval systems, e.g. calculating frequency of keywords, pattern matching involving keywords, we are proposing an approach to information search and retrieval based not only on the basic element set known as the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES), which represents the content or bibliographical information of the data, but also based on the identification of linguistic information about the rhetorical structure of the text. This rhetorical structure information may be inferred from linguistic cues identified, which represent the textual information of the data. Both types of information are tagged using RDF (Resource Description Framework). The cues and criteria in identifying rhetorical structure information are based on those developed by Corston-Oliver(1998). The text base in question consists of abstracts of linguistics journal articles drawn from a collection of over three hundred papers on the topic of Chinese Linguistics. Included in my text base are abstracts from linguistics journals in both Chinese and English. Information retrieval is web-based. Besides offering a search and retrieval capability, a web interface is also being developed for authors or publishers to submit their abstracts to the text base. Enquiries: 2788-8705 ___________________ All are welcome! ____________________


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