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Research Seminar : "Meditation and Cultivation : Reflections on Mysticism from a Confucian Perspe...
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Topic:  Research Seminar : "Meditation and Cultivation : Reflections on Mysticism from a Confucian Perspective "
posted itemPosted - 01/03/2006 :  17:22:44
City University of Hong Kong Dep

City University of Hong Kong Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics & Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies Research Seminar

Meditation and Cultivation : Reflections on Mysticism
from a Confucian Perspective

Presented by

Dr. On-cho Ng

Date: 13 March 2006, Monday
Time: 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Venue: B7603 (Lift 3, 7/F, Blue Zone), Academic Building, CityU of HK

Abstract This lecture offers an interpretation of the nature of Confucianreligiosity in terms of its mystical tendencies and expressions while proffering somecomparative reflections on the apparently universal religious phenomenonof mysticism. It argues that mystical experiences and iterations can best beunderstood with specific reference to their particular cultural contexts.
On-cho Ng is Associate Professor of History and Religious Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, where he is also Associate Head of the Department of History. Professor Ng specializes in the intellectual culture of late imperial China, with abiding interests in Confucian hermeneutics, religiosity, and historiography. Apart from Cheng-Zhu Confucianism in the Early Qing (State University of New York Press 2001), and Mirroring the Past: The Writing and Use of History in Imperial China (University of Hawaii Press, 2005), he has published scores of book chapters and articles in flagship academic periodicals, such as Journal of the History of Ideas, Journal of Chinese Religions, Philosophy East and West, Journal of Chinese Philosophy and Journal of World History. His forthcoming publications include the editorship of The Imperative of Understanding: Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, and Onto-Hermeneutics (Global Publishers), and authorship of A Historical Dictionary of Confucianism (Scarecrow Press). Professor Ng currently serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Chinese Philosophy, chairs the Seminar on Neo-Confucianism at Columbia University, and sits on two Boards of Directors: Society for the Study of Chinese Religions, and Forum: Newsletter of Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy.




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