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Vision and Mission


In line with the mission statements of the University and CLASS, the Department of Linguistics and Translation (LT) builds and sustains comprehensive, diverse, and dynamic programmes of globally-acknowledged excellence in all frontline areas of linguistics and translation/interpretation studies.


LT actively seeks to

  1. cultivate positive academic culture of mutual appreciation and mutual support;
  2. promote multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental teaching and research collaborations;
  3. build innovative platforms for knowledge discovery and transfer;
  4. develop team-based research projects benefiting the local community;
  5. link with international partners to provide mutually beneficial programmes and learning opportunities;
  6. encourage students to “Go Global” with diverse opportunities for internships and exchange programmes; and
  7. respond to regional and global needs through effective curriculum reform and staff recruitment.

Enquiry: LTenquiry@cityu.edu.hk

Page last updated: 3 May 2018